Lego is a company that creates playsets for children to build their imagination.
LEGO logo-710596

The well-known Lego logo

The Lego Company was created and founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932.

Ole Kirk Christiansen


Ole Kirk Christiansen

The first Lego Theme ever created was the Train series created in 1966.

Currently, Lego Agents, Lego Star Wars, and Power Miners are the most famous lego sets running today.

Lego Agents Logo


Lego Star Wars Logo


Lego Power Miners Logo

Lego PowerMiners Stone Chopper


Lego Darth Vader Figurine Lego Spongebob figurine. The Lego Death Star Lego Harry Potter Figurine Lego Obi Wan Kenobi

Lego Star Wars Death Star II 10143 New Toys
LEGO HarryPotter
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Lego spongebob

Lego Space Police Logo Lego Patty Mobile Lego Castle Dragon Lego Ahsoka Figurine Lego Yoda Figurine

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